Vision, Mission & Goals

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Vision, Mission & Goals
To be a club that will be the leader in the development of sailing sports in the Republic of Macedonia will attract and include members who love this sport in order to become one of the world’s sailboat elite one day and represent our Olympic flag at the Olympic Games games.
  1. Promote Sailing, making it accessible to the entire social community;
  2. To provide a working environment in which young people will develop love and passion towards sailing;
  3. Raise the image of Sailing to a higher level, by organizing strong national and international competitions;
  4. To be active members in social developments, realizing cooperation with the public as well as with the private sector;
  5. Make our development sustainable;

  1. To have a training center that will meet the needs of the members of the club and the school for training and which will enable the smooth running of ongoing activities and future growth;
  2. To create conditions that will encourage the increase of membership;
  3. To be the best club in the Republic of Macedonia by providing appropriate training programs for the best members;
  4. To ensure and maintain the competitiveness of our competitors internationally;